Running 7 Miles -its a really big deal!

On Saturday I ran 7 miles, I really enjoyed it although my knee started to play up after a couple of hills at the end. And even though It was only 7 miles it was a really big deal. The reason it was a really big deal is that 7 miles is the furthest I’ve ever ran in my life. About 5 years ago I ran a 10K with Sinead and absolutely hated every minute of it. You couldn’t really call it running and you certainly couldn’t call it enjoyable but we pushed each other through and managed to come out the other side with a small sense of achievement and a large hatred for running. But this time my journey with running has been an really enjoyable, even with the minor niggles. I’ve managed to find a way not only to run regularly but more importantly to love every minute of it. I know that this weekend I’ll be running 8 miles, which will be a new furthest but some how it won’t be as big a deal as this one.

When my half marathon is through and I’m out the other side I’m going to try and put together everything that’s made this journey so enjoyable. If you’re interested in my guide to running when it comes out subscribe the my newsletter here.

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