About Feganegg

Why Feganegg?

When I was just a little bitty boy on holidays at my Granny’s house in Aghagallon, Northern Ireland she used to cook the most amazing frys in the mornings. Proper Ulster frys, Bacon, Sausages, Vegetable Roll, Soda Farls, Potato Bread and Fried Eggs. I was a greedy beggar and used to live by the rule of 2’s & 3’s, being 2 of everything or 3 of everything. And although the frys were cooked to perfection the star of the show was always the Feganegg. You take 1 very runny fried egg, add HP sauce (other sauces are available but don’t fool yourself it has to be HP) and then use your knife an fork to cut, slash and mash it to oblivion. It looks terrible and everyone who sees you do it will be disgusted but it tastes divine and no fry is complete without one. Hopefully now you’ve read this it will ignite a tiny spark of curiosity somewhere deep in your mind, then one day when you are alone with a fried egg and no one is watching you will give it a go. When you do you will realise that an empty hole in your life, which you never new was there, has now been filled.

What’s that got to do with a blog?

Well I could say something like that the fundamental essence of this blog is the combination of items that wouldn’t normally fit but somehow come together to form something far more wonderful than the sum of its parts, but i’d be talking through my arse. The truth is when I first met Sinead she found the whole feganegg thing a combination of disgusting and cute, so started calling me feganegg. Now we are married with two beautiful daughters the four of us have now become the feganeggs. And I’m very proud to say one of my daughters has taken up the family tradition. So what’s likely to be found here?

Food & Drink

I’m a complete foodie. Love it, love it, love it. Love cooking it, eating it, growing it, foraging for it and brewing it. I’m looking forward to share my love for all of the above with as many people as possible.

Health and Wellness

In recent years I’ve become more fitter, healthier and learned a huge amount on the way. This has been done without gyms or spending vast amounts of money and by moving slowly towards a more natural way of living.

Tech Stuff

I’m a huge geek so we’ll cover a bit of useful techie stuff again focusing on how to do things without spending a huge amount of money.


I firmly believe that in any venture transparency and honesty builds trust and trust is central to anything worthwhile. In some area’s of this site there will be affiliate links, this means that if you click on the link and purchase/sign up for a product I will get a commission. This will not be a large commission but will hopefully keep the site going or maybe if I’m lucky get me a wine kit once a year, Yay. I have no intention of recommending any product that I do not use or trust. If at any point in the future I receive any other benefits (other than a nice fuzzy felling) for writing this blog or a post on it I will make that very clear.