Writing about yourself should be pretty easy, there’s not many subjects you know more about, but easy this is not.

I grew up in the middle of London which was a fantastic place to grow up and I was blessed with some of the greatest friends in the world. At 24 my folks retired to a small town called Lurgan in Northern Ireland and I came with them to help them get settled. The plan was to move back to London after 6 months. It was while I was working trying to put the money together to move back when I started a conversation with a girl called Sinead, after this conversation my plans became went slightly off track. That was 1998 I’m now married to the most fantastic woman in the world, have 2 beautiful daughters and am still in Lurgan.

The road to entrepreneurship

In 2005 Sinead and I were working in sales for the same company when we were both made redundant, it was a month before the birth of our first daughter. During her pregnancy Sinead couldn’t find any maternity clothes in Northern Ireland so we used our redundancy money to setup Funkybump Maternity. I’d played around with web design before but this was the first really big project. We started by selling clothes but ended up becoming an affiliate site, we’ve learnt a lot about running an online business over the last 10 years and hopefully I can share a little of that with you.  I love designing sites but ultimately i get more satisfaction out of watching them grow. We’ve since launched several other business’s Beacon Internet Solutions which is my web design and consultancy business and the latest one is How to Rock WP which aim is to teach people how to setup, build and run awesome WordPress sites.