Well, the title pretty much sums this up. This my list of epic “stuff” that I want to do. I’ll be adding to it as I grow and hopefully crossing some stuff off as I go.



  • Surprise Jose (a friend) in Australia 
  • Learn to Tango in Argentina


  • Start a mastermind group
  • Run my own business full time again  
  • Build a business that I both love working in/on and am proud of


  • Meditate every day for 90 days


  • Learn to play the Guitar
  • Learn to Speed Read
  • Keep Bees
  • Skydive
  • Go wild camping
  • Learn to windsurf well(not just a two-day course)
  • Learn to sail  


  • Learn to Speed Read
  • Learn to Pick a lock
  • Make a bow and arrow and learn to use it
  • Learn how to write beautifully (as in being able to read my scrawl)


  • Buy first rental property
  • Fully pay off Home
  • Pay off all consumer debt (£36,422  as of 09/05/2015)
  • Build up a 6 month emergency fund