First D&D game as a player

Last Sunday I played my first D&D game as a player and absolutely loved it. I’ve wanted to play a game since I first started DMing for my daughters a few months ago but finding a game when you live in Northern Ireland is not that easy. After trying to get accepted to several games […]

100 Days of Awesome

100 days of awesom

There are certain things that you know if you do them your life will be better. You have absolutely zero doubt that this is true and not just your life but your family as well. These things are generally not huge things and do not cost large amounts of money either but still, you do […]

A Dads slide into the world of Dungeons and Dragons

I love my daughters more than life itself so when they said they wanted to try dungeons and dragons, I thought that sounds like fun. I’ve always been a geek and wanted to give it a go but my experience was limted to watching it played on the big bang theory. Georgia bought the starter […]

A new year, a new start.

I’ve been playing around with this blogging thing for years. Starting, then stopping, writing then vlogging but it always patters out. We’re making a few changes in 2019 and one of them is that i’m going to publish something on this blog or its YouTube channel every week of the year without exception. Some weeks […]

30 Day Vlog Fail

My 30-day vlogging challenge was an epic fail. Daily vlogging is really, frickin hard. I was enjoying making the videos, even thought they were terrible. Editing yourself every day teaches you a fair bit about your ticks and verbal crutches and it was certainly a great way to improve my editing. The problem was on […]

Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

A while ago I was cleaning out my email, doing a huge purge of everything I’m subscribed to when I found this email from Corbett Bar. Corbet is one of the guys behind the pretty epic fizzle and I’m subscribed to his lifestyle business weekly blog sites email list. Every now and then some one […]

Why cold showers can change your life

At the moment of writing, I’m on a 25-day streak of cold showers. Yep that’s right people, for 25 days I have been willingly stepping into a ball shrinking shower that’s been set to cold as a polar bears arse – and I’ve liked it. Why? Because cold showers can change your life! Why cold […]

30 Day Vlogging Challenge

I’ve just taken a spare of the moment decision start a 30 day vlogging challenge. It’s not been something I’ve been thinking about and I don’t have a clue what I’m going to say but hey, why not. This crazy arse decision was made in a second while listening to a Tim Ferris podcast with […]

Waking Up Ain’t Easy

When sleeping you don’t actually know that you’re dreaming. It’s not until you’ve woken up and the sleep clears from your eyes that you realise you’ve been lying in the same place for the last 8 hours. Sometimes the same thing happens in life, waking up and realise you’ve been in the same place, not […]

Are too many opportunities a bad thing?

To Many Options

Last week I failed to meet a weekly goal. Normally not a big issue but this time I’d publicly posted it on a forum. Accountability is a great thing and, in this case, it made me look at why I hadn’t completed it. I had piles of great excuses – family health issues, last minute […]