So I survived the ploughing and felt great for it. The cos lettuce sandwiches were awesome (above Piri Piri Chicken, Hummus , Bacon and Tomato on Cos) and I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. It took till the last night to actually get my dinner without chips but even when they arrived they were returned untouched. I’m loving what i’m eating and feeling more energy and clarity then I have in a long time. That seems to be overflowing to other areas of my life as well which is pretty damn awesome.

My cheat days are really more of cheat weekends but in saying that I tend not to go nuts. A slice of gluten free toast with my usual breakfast, milk and a small sugar in my coffee. Couple of big bags of crisps maybe a bit of ice-cream but being full time gluten free i think is my big savior. If not I don’t think i could get away with relaxing that bit for 2 days.

My weight loss has stalled which i’m not worried about as my main goal was to change shape so I’m glad that I’ve been taking other measurements. Although I can visibly see the difference its nice to have it backed up by data. My updated measurements can be found in the slow carb tracking spreadsheet. If you want a copy for yourself just login to your google account then go to file make a copy. Rename it what you want and start tracking away. I’ve come the the conclusion that taking your own body fat measurements on a cheap pair of calipers is far from accurate so use these measurements as more of a guideline.

5cm off my waist and 12 cm in total is pretty damn awesome and i would never have known without measuring. So get to it people, get that tape measure out and start tracking.

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