Removing Resistance


Resistance is a funny old thing, its around us all the time and once your used to it you completely forget its there. You just get on with life thinking that this is the required amount of energy to get a task done, but once you remove it things happen so much easier.

Less resistance =  less energy, less thought, less excuses.

The problem is that when its been there for so long it gets really hard to spot it never to mind remove it. My thoughts on resistance started with my latest 30 day challenge, getting up early to walk the dog every morning. My better half, Sinead, would normally walk the dog during the day, and still does, but I thought that it would be good for both me and him to have an early morning stroll. The aim is that this will eventually turn into an early morning run but baby steps are normally the best way forward.

I’ve tried this before but never with great regularity, when its raining / I’ve had a late night / my bed is warm and its cold outside things tends to fizzle out. I find when forming a habit if you don’t do something 2 days in a row you are normally in trouble. This time has been different, the last thing I’ve done every evening has been to layout my clothes for the next morning in the hallway. This means that once my alarm goes I just roll out of bed, do my best not to wake anyone and I’m walking down the street with the dog by the time my mind has had a chance to put up a fight. I think its a double whammy first of all everything is prepared, no resistance,  but secondly I’ve let my mind know what’s going to happen the night before.

So when you are looking to complete a task, start a habit or even just do something with greater frequency look for the resistance and then remove it.

A couple of suggestions.

  • If you want to play an instrument – put it where you can see it every evening
  • If you want to eat healthier – clear the crap out of your cupboard
  • If you want to exercise more – find a time or a trigger then stick to it and have your kitbag ready to go.
  • If you work in the evenings at home and want better quality family time  – suspend the internet for an couple of hours every evening

Look at what you are trying to do and what normally gets in the way then do your best to remove it.  Its much easier to enjoy running when you’re not dragging a tyre.

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