My daughter Katie-Ann, who is only 9, has started her first blog. She’s always been fiercely independent and has an entrepreneurs spirit. She’s already launched several “businesses” and having a blog is going to be an amazing experience for her from which she will learn so much.

But as you know the world is not full of only nice people so the questions I’ve been playing with has been how to give her the freedom she needs to develop this side of her personality and learn all of these new skill but also protect her at the same time. I’m sure that there are other parents out there that are in a similar position and asking the same questions, so as I work through this I’m going to share my findings with you. In a series of small posts

Rae Hoffman write a fantastic post  A Parents Guide to Instagram and that’s been my inspiration for this post.

So here’s the plan. Protect her from spam, monitor all comments, posts and page updates. Make sure that there is no other way to contact her on the site apart from through comments and setup some very clear ground rules that if broken the blog will be removed. I’ll post everything under the tag Blogging for Kids

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