Print Friendly & PDF for Chrome

Short post here about an amazingly handy plugin for Google Chrome and if you don’t have chrome don’t worry there’s an easy work around for any browser. Its called Print Friendly & PDF for chrome, it basically takes any page and makes it print/PDF worthy. It removes the sidebars and menus leaving a page that looks very clean. But it doesn’t stop there, you can then go down the page and click on anything you don’t like to remove it. So if you don’t want some of the images or blumph at the bottom of the page just click and it will delete them from your now custom page. Its an amazingly handy plugin that I use all the time.

Print Friendly & PDF for Other Browsers

Now if you don’t use chrome not to worry you can simply install a bookmarklet and anytime you want to print a page just click and there you go. You can find the bookmarklet here Failing that you can just copy and paste the url that you want to print into the print preview bar on their site and it will do the same

Try it out and you will never print directly from your browser again.

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