If I’m being totally honest I’ve taken my eye off the whole leveling up side of things. The last 9 months have seen an absolutely massive change in my health, well-being and fitness which is amazing but it all stopped being goal focused since I was unable to complete my half marathon. Now I don’t believe that everything in life should be driven towards a goal but if i’m getting fit I may as well knock a few items off my list as I go. The two items I’ve chosen to complete between now and Christmas are 100 press ups and 25 pull up. Both would previously have been impossible targets to even comprehend but they now seem achievable.

I originally downloaded a couple of push up and pull up workouts from the play store. This kinda worked but I tended to do them a little inconsistently. Then a couple of weeks ago when I made the decision to focus on these i decided to go old school – use a pen and paper. The results have been off the charts. I’m doing a press up program and a pull up program 3 mornings a week each and resting on Sunday. I have a printout by my beside table and each morning I roll out of bed and get stuck in. The idea is that if i can’t complete a specific workout i’ll rest two days then try again until I can.  Since moving to the old pen and paper I’ve been amazed at the improvements. Today over all of my sets i managed 26 pull-ups, seriously 26! Now my goal is to do 25 in one set so i’m a very long way from that but considering not so long ago i would struggle to do 1 its a pretty awesome improvement.

Why does a pen a paper work better?

The truth is I just don’t know. My guess is that physically crossing something off fires something in the brain that an app just can’t do. Also the apps just show you the set that you’re currently doing but when i’m looking at the sheet I can see what I’ve done so far today and over the last week and that helps as well. You can see at a glance how far you’ve come and flipping the page you can see where you’ll be this time next weeks.

The sites I’ve used are the following for the press ups http://hundredpushups.com/ and for the pullups http://www.50pullups.com/. Just go to the sites, print out a sheet for each week staple them together, leave them by your bed with a pen and alternate one each morning. It really is as easy as that. You don’t have to do any research or download an app or think about another program. Just commit to it now and in a couple of weeks you really will amaze yourself.

It’s a great feeling moving toward getting a couple of things crossed from the list. Its also pretty great to think that when I’ve completed them I get to pick something else.
photo credit: HJ Media Studios via photopin cc

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