Moving on and letting go.

Letting Go It can feel sooooo good
Letting Go
It can feel sooooo good

Sometimes holding onto something is the right thing to do. It could be a dream or an idea that only you believe in and you know that if you just get around this corner you’ll see the finish line, even though the whole world is screaming at you its over.

But sometimes letting go is the hardest path. Letting go of an idea or opinion that’s been holding you back, letting go of a relationship that’s broken or you’ve out grown, letting go of the need to be accepted or letting go of a business that your hearts no longer in.

That’s where both myself an Sinead are at this moment. For 8 years now we’ve been running Funkybump Maternity. Its been a great business that has given us both a huge amount. Its allowed us both to work from home until our girls started school, its allowed us to spend a large portion of that time in Portugal, its allowed me to develop a skill set that I could only dream of and an understanding of how to make websites that not only rock but work pretty damn good as well. As a spin off to Funkybump and these skill’s I’d launched Beacon Internet Solutions a web design and optimisation business. But of late both of these businesses have become a chore, worse then that, just plain unenjoyable.

And this has brought about the question is it worth it. Is it worth building and running a business just for money. Is it worth doing something for money just because you’re good at it. An example is that I’m great at adwords, setting up accounts, fine tuning them, improving conversions but God I find it boring. I know if I offer these services to people and specialise in this I could leave the job I’m currently doing but the idea of doing that for the rest of my life is more than I can take. I want to do something that I enjoy, something that I can’t wait to get started and don’t want to stop.

Life is what what you do from the moment you wake up till the moment you go back to bed. Its not what you do on payday or on the weekend.

The way I’ve structured Beacon is to deliver the services that I think other people want, which seems to be the sensible way to do things, the way that most people think it should be done. But its not what I want to do, I want to help people build their businesses, I want to share what I know and see other peoples sites grow. I want to work with people who are passionate about their product, service or site and want them to be awesome, not people who come to me with a site of no value and want it to rank. I want to shout

“NOOOOO, your site is crap, you offer nothing of value, why should I waste my time helping you”.


The more I’ve thought about this idea, I’m not going to call it a business yet as I don’t know if I’m going to make any money, the more excited I’ve become. The more I know this is what I want to do.

So whats next? I’m going to relaunch beacon into the kind of business that lights my fire. The kind of business that I want to tell everyone about, the kind of business that would make me happy. I’m not going to offer service that I think the masses want, I’m going to offer the services that I want to do. I’m going to pick the clients that I want to work with. Its a pretty scary idea but regardless of where the destination is I know I’m going to enjoy the journey.

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