In January my 30 day challenge was to start meditating. The plan was to start with just 2 minutes and the build it up from there. Its something I’ve tried many times before and just couldn’t stick to it, due mainly to a lack of discipline/commitment but also the feeling that I was always doing it wrong. I’ve always known that both me and my life would be better if I could bring meditation into my daily routine. See I’m a drifter, not physically but mentally. I can accomplish amazing things when I’m focused but that doesn’t happen very often and I seem to have no control on when it will happen.  My understanding of meditation is that it can help to bring focus/clarity and that is something that my cloudy little mind could really do with.

I got the inspiration for trying again from Leo Babauta’s wonderful blog Zen Habits and his article on meditation. So I started simple, 2 minutes a day watching my breathing. After a few days while looking through my bookshelf I found a book that was from one of my earlier attempts. It was by a Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield and was called The Path of Insight Meditation. The book really helped clarify what I needed to do so I just got stuck in.

To improve a habits stickabilty its best to give it a trigger so I decided that I would meditate after my shower, which has been the key to my success. Although my schedule is very different at weekends as my day always includes a shower this has worked brilliantly. I’ve only missed one days mediation in the last 2 month and I’m now up to 10 minutes.

I feel that meditation now has a permanent place in my life. I’ve seen alot of benefits already, my mornings are more enjoyable as before I’ve already meditated before breakfast. I’m starting to notice my thoughts more often. This sound weird but thoughts are kind of things, they are not real and don’t have any substance but they they happen in your head and you get caught up with them. Well I’m starting to notice that happening now. Things like reaching of a biscuit, I’m noticing that the thought is happening and then am able to make a decision on whether I want it or not. Which is pretty cool as before it would have been halfway down by throat by the time I’d even realised that it was in my hand. Its happening in loads of places, being more present when speaking to the girls or Sinead. Choosing whether or not to have a glass of wine (turns out I don’t need one every night who’d of thunk it). The one at the moment having the biggest and most surprising impact is procrastination. I’m starting to notice when I’ve drifted off the task I’m doing and getting completely side tracked. I’m noticing that its happening allot sooner and then am able to make a decision whether checking out the transfer gossip on who Man United are buy is what I really want to be doing in this moment.

This is only early days yet but it looks like that Buddha guy just might of been onto something after all.

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  1. Sounds good. My 30-day challenge for January this year is exactly that: to meditate once a day for at least 15 minutes. So far so good!

    1. It was the biggest gift I’ve gave myself last year. I didn’t meditate yesterday morning for the first time in ages and it completely threw my whole day out.

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