For the last while I’ve been following the awesome blog Nerd fitness. It’s run by a guy called Steve Kamb and its tagline is Level up your life. Its written for nerds, geeks or people who just want to get fit and its packed full of fitness info with a gaming theme.  It makes the whole getting fit thing a little less intimidating and gives a great support network to those who want to use it. It’s based on guilds and levelling up your life,  you pick a guild for the type of fitness you want to pursue and then you have like minded people on the forums help you on your “quests”. The idea really appeals to me, although I’m not a gamer the idea of starting on level 1 and bit by bit progressing through the game of life levelling up as you go just hits a cord with me. One of my problems is instead of starting on level one I tend to skip straight to level 5 and end up hurting myself or getting stuck. Thinking of the end destination and how to get there as fast a possible instead of just enjoying the game, which should be what its all about. I mean when you start a game your first thought isn’t how fast can I get to the end of this, if you do think that then your kinda missing the point.


This morning I started running with our dog, Lester. Instead of going all guns blazing I just ran till I stopped enjoying it, then walked for a while and started again. I’ve changed my running style from stamping/heel striking to smaller strides and landing on the balls of my feet courtesy of some barefoot running books I’ve started reading (more on that in a later post). And by the time I got home I was feeling fantastic, I actually enjoyed running.

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