I’ve already posted about Steve Kamb and levelling up, I now think its time to add some more meat the them bones and give you a guide on how to level up. Also in the interest of complete transparency I’m going to publish my own personal list for levelling up my life. I’m also going to track my progress at the top of the site.

So what’s the premiss for levelling up? Its the same as a video game, you start on level 1 and as you go through the game of life you get points towards levelling up your character depending on your experiences, skills and what you learn. Some quests move you a little towards a new level but completing the big ones can raise you up an entire level by them selves. Probably the most important thing about a game is that you want to enjoy playing it. Yes its geeky/nerdy but hey, why fight who you are.

To Level up you need 100 points, so for most missions/targets you can add 20 points to your current score. Being able to do 100 pressups or meditating twice a day for 3 months would add twenty points to your current score. But some missions are big scary time consuming beasts so for these you can add 100 points. Starting you’re own business and leaving your job for me would be a full level up – 100 points.

Most games you start at level 1 but we’re not starting a game from the beginning here.  So I’m going to give myself some credit for a little of the awesome I’ve done so far.

100 points – Married the woman of my dreams (and bonus points if she reads this!)

100 points – Two amazing daughters that make me proud every day

20 points – bought a house (only 20 as its fairly easy to buy, paying it off will be 100)

100 points – been running our own businesses to varying success for the last 9 years

This puts me on level 3.

To watch Steve talk though this with far more grace than this post here is his tedx video, if you like what you see go on over to Nerd Fitness and join the rebellion.


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