Kevin McClouds Man Made Shed – A Spark

Kevin McCloud - Man Made Shed

Kevin McCloud - Man Made ShedKevin McCloud recently had a short series Called Man Made Home. He bought a small patch of woodland and built a shed out of recycled, locally available  materials – Wood from the forest, an old safe, some old tractor parts – that sort of thing. I really enjoyed the show and so did the kids but my good wife quickly pointed out that it was all just wasn’t based in reality. The shed was built from a couple of felled trees but he had professional help in felling them and making it. His stove was made from a reclaimed safe but he had professional help making it. His hot tub was made from a plane engine but he had professional help making it. You see where I’m going here, yes it was beautiful when it was finished and the people who helped him were his friends but how many of us know people who professionally make furniture from recycled material or can engineer a winch system for a drawer bridge wall and are willing to work for free. AlpacasHow many of us are going to buy a couple of acres of woodland in the countryside and build a shed there. Now I’m not knocking old Kev, it was a great show which I thoroughly enjoyed  but it was just out of reach for the average person. I’m not sure if I could find an Alpaca to sheer but if I did I’m relatively certain that I would struggle to find the 10+ old dears with weaving looms willing to put in 200 hours work to make me a dressing gown.

But Kevin’s show did supply something well within the reach of a normal man – a spark.

A little bit about me, the normal man. I live in a semi with a small garden with my Beautiful wife and 2 young daughters whom I adore. I do not have a huge amount of DIY skills, or people I can call on. I do not have a huge amount of disposable income.  But I know that my beautiful daughters are getting older and at some point I’m going to be terribly, terribly outnumbered. Survival instinct is an amazing thing and unbelievable things can be accomplished with that alone but when you add it to stupidity and nievity who knows what the normal man could accomplish.

Could it be possible for a normal guy to build a shed/sanctuary at the bottom of his garden for very little money? Is it possible for this man to take on a project of this size and stick with it to the end? If he did would this manhaven be as awesome as it is in his imagination?

The answers to these and many more questions might just be coming to a blog near you!

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