How to make raised beds cheaply

I made some raised beds earlier in the year so that we can grow some veggies in our back garden. As always this was done on a complete budget The total cost for our two raised beds was £50, they measure 8ft by 4ft and they were a breeze to make. I haven’t taken many pictures of the process because it was so easy.

Step one, get your planks for your beds. I got 10 scaffolding poles for £4 each, They even threw in 4 small planks for free. They measures 8ft long and the short ones were half that size which worked out nicely but I could have cut a couple of the 8ft ones in half for the ends.  I then put them down on our concrete patio to form a rectangle and drilled them together with some very long screws, i also put washers on the screws to make it a little more sturdy. You could just as easily do this in the place that you want them but in my case it was fairly uneven I wanted them to be square.  I found that drilling a small pilot hole for screws made the job easier.

These beds were then moved to the grass area that i wanted to grow veggies on and placed on  a good layer of cardboard to kill the grass and to act as a weed proof membrane. I used the spare planks and some old slabs as a walkway around the side to keep things neat making sure that cardboard was down under theses as well.

Why that size? Well the length isn’t so important but at 4ft wide I can reach to the middle from each side of the bed allowing me to reach any part of the bed

I asked around in work for topsoil and as someone was building a house they were only to happy for me to get rid of some for them. In truth there will be a cost towards this as I’ll bring in some nice veggies when they’re grown by ways of a thank you.

And that is pretty much it, £40 for the wood, £10 for the screws (with loads left over) and penny’s for the washers. And that my friends is how to make raised beds cheaply!


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