Our family of 4 has now increased by one, Lester the Spreagle. I’ve wanted a dog for a while, or more accurately a Springer Spaniel, and so have the girls but my good wife has been slightly less eager.  The cost of buying one has been one factor but also the idea of having a house full of dog hair doesn’t really appeal to her. I’d kind of give up on the Idea until a guy I work with came in and told me that he had a 6 month old part springer that he didn’t have enough time for. Next thing I know Lester is home and the house is in love with him.

Having come from a farm he’s an outside dog which is fantastic he’s never been on a lead and isn’t house trained which will be a challenge but he has a beautiful temperament and is absolutely gorgeous. We’re going to be starting at the beginning with training so I’ve got my hands on a couple of dog training books and we’ll see how it goes. One of the nicest surprises about the whole thing is that Sinead, who was really not looking a dog has fallen for him in a big way and being an outdoor dog it solves most of the issues that she had.

If you’re wondering what a Spreagle is the its part Springer and Part Beagle. One of the great names for springer crosses but more about that later.

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