We’ve just come back from Portugal on holidays, for me it was one of the most special holidays I have had since our girls were born. One of the reasons it was so special is because I was truly there. That may sound a funny statement but normally I’m thinking about our business’s or the next goal or what need to be finished. Most of us spend our time in the past or the future but rarely in the present.

Why was this holiday different?

Before I left I made a concious decision that when I returned I would take on no new projects, no new jobs or no new goals. Nothing, until everything outstanding had been completed. I sat down and made a list of the many, many jobs that were still outstanding. The jobs that were half done or almost finished but still hanging around taking up space in my head. Confirming my view of myself that

I’m great coming out of the gates but not much of a finisher

I then walked around our house and listed all of the things that when I see I say ‘oh crap that needs done’ then swiftly forget about till the next time I see them. It was a long list and some of the jobs were fairly big but when I was finished I was able to let it all go, knowing that when I came home the only thing that would have my attention was the list. That decision alone allowed me to relax and enjoy my family instead of spending the time in my head. When ever I caught myself drifting into that future place I was able pull myself back knowing that I could make my decisions about what to do next when the list was complete.

Its probably going to take at couple of months to make my way through all of these unfinished projects but I’m refusing to feel guilty about not taking on anything new. Part of the list are several half finished post which have been sitting in my drafts, so over the next couple of month I’m going to get the chance to enjoy giving this blog a bit of TLC. And every time I cross something off that list I’m doing something much more than completing an old job. I’m changing that view to

He gets the job done!

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