Cranberry Gin Recipe

Last  year I had planned to do Sloe Gin but never got around to it. Then before Christmas I saw a this cranberry gin recipe and thought I’ll give that a go. I was not disappointed this stuff was delicious.

The recipe is fairly simple just cranberries, gin, caster sugar and some orange peel, that’s it. I used a 750ml bottle of gin to 250 grams of caster sugar but use your own judgement if you like it sweet add more or less if you don’t.

Take your cranberries and give them a good pricking with a fork, throw them into a glass demijohn or large seal-able glass container as you don’t want that yummy alcohol evaporating. Then pour in the sugar and gin, put it into a dark place and give it a little swirl every day. You’ll see the sugar dissolve over time. They say its best after three months but we tasted it at three weeks and it didn’t last long after that.

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