I have Calcaneous Bursitis, sore heel to you and me, so my physio has told me to leave off the running until I’m all healed up.  Its a bit of a kick in the teeth as I’m absolutely loving running and I’ve been taking my time trying to build a base the right way. It seemed to flare up in Portugal where I was pushing a little harder but I’m glad it’s been diagnosed early.

Your bursa acts as a cushion for your Achilles to rub over your heel and mines ended up all inflamed. I thought it was because I’m running in old zero drop shoes but apparently I’m an overpronater with high arches. When running I’ve felt my left foot rolling in more than my right and that seems to be what overpornating is.  It hurts far more in the morning but after running for about a mile it eases up. Normally I would just power through but this time I thought I’d play it safe and I’m glad I did. As it was caught early hopefully in a few weeks things should be cleared up.

Determined to to let this hold me back I’ve dusted off my road bike and am taking it out for a spin the weekend so I can start cycling to work again. I’ve also had a go on our deceptively hard rowing machine. If I can’t run I’m going to make sure I minimise the loses that happen over the next few weeks.

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