At the end of last year we discovered that Sinead, my wife, was a celiac.  After a torrid 6 months of adjusting which involved huge weight loss and lots of related illnesses she’s starting to glow again with a complete diet over-hall. She cut the gluten completely about 5 months ago and is starting to heal.

During this period I’ve massively cut down my intake and have been almost gluten free. I’ve felt much better for not having it in my diet but at times its been testing mentally. Getting your head around not having things in your diet that you’ve always taken for granted is a challenge. A couple of months ago noticed that every-time I ate bread or pizzas I was starting to have a bad reactions, bloated stomach and terrible wind.  It wasn’t a big deal but just interesting how my body changed over that short period with very little gluten in my diet. About a month ago I decided to go completely gluten free, part of the reason was I’m getting healthier and I new it would benefit me but the main reason was I new it would support Sinead. She’d been through enough with food and I no longer felt I could sit down to a pizza when she couldn’t. I made a few exception like beer and Guinness but apart from that I’ve been totally gluten free. Making that decision has been one of the best things I’ve done. I knew it had been hard on Sinead but I didn’t realise how hard. Gluten is everywhere, your choices are severely limited when you go out, especially in Ireland as there’s not many options for a quick bite or takeaway.

Last night I went out to with the family to a local pub and had a couple of pints and this morning my stomach is in bits. Thank god no one is sharing my office. It seems that the less I take of gluten the more my body is rejecting it. I’ve now made the decision that’s it, I’m going officially gluten free no exceptions. No more beer (unless it gluten free) and no more Guinness.

Its funny how one or two slight changes can lead you down a path you never thought you would walk.

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