A Year On and What Have We Learned

1st Birthday Candle

Its about a a year since this blog was started, a whole year!

Loads of things have happened, my girls are a year older, we’ve had year of learning that not all dogs do what they say in books, I’ve started cycling, our business’s have had a year of ups and downs (mainly downs), we’ve had a trip to London both sightseeing and visiting family, birthdays, weddings, new family members  (a gorgeous niece), I’ve started journalling, we’ve found out that my wife is a celiac and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But probably the most important thing is that we’ve learned the blogging is bloody hard.

All these things have happened, the potential for a million great blog posts, OK perhaps not a million but at least 20,  and I’ve documented none of them. Shared not one story with the world, nothing, nada, zilch. Why? that’s a good questions , I’m very busy but then again so are we all and no one has more then 24 hours in a day. I’ve written a lot of half posts but never got around to finishing or posting them. Maybe I’m looking for perfection or on some level worried that I my posts aren’t good enough. I don’t know. But I feel that it’s time to make a commitment to this process. This blog was started to share a bit of what knowledge (heaven knows I’ve borrowed enough of other peoples from the internet) and more importantly I thought that the process of writing would be good for me, somehow therapeutic. Sometimes  I over-think things, over plan instead of just doing. Last night for example I was going to put together a new exercise plan or should I say another exercise plan, but instead of planning I just got up and exercised. It felt so much better and I went to be happier. The result of that is this morning I got up and went for a run. Things kind of build on each other that way.

Its time to apply to same principle to feganegg, less thinking more doing. I’ve just googled less thinking and more doing, this quote came up from Bruce Lee.  God that guy was cool.


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