2 Blog Posts a Week

My last 30 day challenge was to do 20 minutes of yoga a day. I failed miserably after a very good start. I started off feeling great and then a our normally healthy house was struck down with multiple sickness’s. Everyone suffered and exercise was the last thing on my mind. Although I’m now pretty much recovered I haven’t got stuck back into the yoga, so its my bad. I did enjoy yoga and I’m going to go keep it up but maybe not on a daily basis.
My next 30 day challenge is far more accountable. It is to do at least 9 blog posts in the next 30 days. It may not sound like much but it will be a massive improvement on what I’ve managed so far. Starting a blog is fairly easy but keeping one going seem to be somewhat more difficult, this challenge will hopefully set me on the way to completing the later.

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