I found out about pinterest a while ago but I really didn’t get it. I was told it’s a virtual pinboard and I still didn’t get it.  You don’t just share your things with friends but with complete strangers at which point I decided that this wasn’t for me. But after stumbling upon it a while later I’ve realised its really quite cool.

I found it while looking for ideas for my shed, I was looking into ways of building with pallets and while searching around the Internet I came upon a page full of wonderful things made of pallets. Loads of ideas that someone had collected and only when I got to the bottom of this page did I realise that I’d discover Pinterest. As I started to dig deeper I started to get it.

So I signed up and started my first boards, one for the shed and one for the garden. Now as I go around the Internet and find ideas they get pinned to one of by boards. You can make boards private but most are not and this is where it really comes into its own. As you search through pinterest for something that’s of interest, you find other peoples boards and see all of their ideas/research on the same subject, if you really like something you just repin it to your board, Brilliant and time saving. You also get ideas you would never have thought of. But Pinterest doesn’t stop there it has another trick up its sleeve, you can follow other people if you want but better than that you can follow individual boards. So if Mrs Summerset loves Ponies, cats, all things pink and building things out of random scrap you just follow the board you like and don’t have to wade through a pile of drivel your not the slightest bit interested in. You don’t have to go through “I’m watching TV” or “I’ve just seen a really nice dog” that drives me crazy on other social media sites. You only get what you want i.e. pallets pallets pallets. Its awesome. So instead of finding out what Johnny who sat behind your sisters best friend in school has had for dinner you only see the things your interested in from people who are generally interested in the same things.

Now I’m sure there is allot more to it and I’ll do a follow up when I’m not such a newbie but so far it rocks.


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