Waking UpWhen sleeping you don’t actually know that you’re dreaming. It’s not until you’ve woken up and the sleep clears from your eyes that you realise you’ve been lying in the same place for the last 8 hours. Sometimes the same thing happens in life, waking up and realise you’ve been in the same place, not moving and happily dreaming for a long time. Not moving, not achieving, not being “productive”, just sleeping. It’s not a bad thing being asleep, sometimes being asleep is exactly what you need. It lets you recover and heal from the previous day’s battles and gives you the energy you need to face the next. Kicking yourself for all the things you didn’t get done when you were asleep is absolutely crazy. You can feel as guilty as you want but it’s not going to make the slightest bit of difference to the fact you’ve been asleep. The best course of action is to be thankful for the rest and that you’ve woken up ready to take on this brand new day.

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