My thoughts on turning 40

Turning 40 Meh

Turning 40 MehOK so I’m turning 40 and am totally underwhelmed, is that weird? There’s no mid life crisis, there’s not “Oh my God I’m old” . Its just Meh (I wish I knew how to type that sound but that the best I can do). Apparently its supposed to be a big deal but I’m just not feeling it.

I have my suspicions why its not really an issue. I think that its because at this present moment in time I’m simply happy. Now I need to make an important statement

being happy in this case does not mean being content

There are many areas of my life that I’m not happy about but I myself am happy. The area’s that I’m not happy about are being addressed, piece by piece,  day by day and because of that I’m happy. The area’s I’m unhappy with are

  • I want to be a full time entrepreneur again – I’m moving forward with that every day
  • I want to be healthier – I’m in the best shape of my life and I’ve finally figured out that a little every day is all it takes to make massive gains
  • I want to be a better father and husband (this is something I expect to feel every year) – The last 12 months has seen me become more present than ever so I know I’m making in roads
  • Freedom – I’ve allowed debts to be a reason to put of living, “We’ll do that when …”, the financial restrictions we currently have wont stop us from doing amazing things together as a family, it will just teach us to be a little more creative.
  • Stuff – Over the last year I’ve become less and less attached to stuff. I’m realising it doesn’t make me happy and that realisation has been pretty amazing.

I’m thinking that big 40 year old panic attacks come from being unhappy and then starting a self flagellation spiral of death. Maybe this leads to the whole mid life crisis thing, who knows.

Don’t get me wrong if I turned 40 last year it would probably have been a different story but a year of small incremental changes has added up to a place where I’m actually OK.


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