Slow Carb Diet Week’s 1& 2

This is just a quick update on the slow carb diet/4 hour body regime I’ve been on. First of all Its far easier than I thought it would be. I’m eating great breakfasts, loving lunches and dinners as well. The switching to no sugar hasn’t been too bad either as  cinnamon in coffee is pretty great. I’m also liking the green tea so that means I’m not really missing dairy as I would mainly take it in tea.

My cheat day has turned into a little more of a cheat weekend but I’m not going completely nuts, still having a good breakfast and still staying gluten free (not part of the diet but a whole different commitment). You can track the changes on my spreadsheet but today I’ve struck a problem. I’m at the Irish National Ploughing Championships for work work and didn’t measure myself up this morning. I’ve put in my weight but didn’t get  a chance for the tape measure or callipers. I’m going to be here until Friday so unfortunately I won’t know exactly how the measurements stack up. I do know that I can see a visible difference in the mirror which is pretty awesome.

Being at the the ploughing, 4 days in a very large field with 70,000 people visiting every day, brings its own challenges. Breakfast isn’t to bad, the full Irish breakfast at the hotel can be adapted to fit in very easily by leaving out the soda farls and potato bread. But normally lunch is a death burger and chips from a stand. Last year we brought a fridge and a George Foreman which allowed us to make our own toasties, but that’s not going to work for me this year. Instead I’ve have a couple of large cos lettuces and plan on filling the big leaves with anything I would normally put in sandwiches. I’ve bought bacon, egg and onion sandwich mix, chicken, tomatoes, hummus and of course my Encona hot pepper sauce. Dinners is going to be searching through the menu for something that doesn’t have gluten and then trying to convince the waitress that I don’t want chips, just bring me more salad or veg. You’d imagine that would be easy but this is Ireland and my first meal has ended up with what looked like a double portion of chips (which I left) instead of my extra salad. Next time I’ll try and be clearer.

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