A while ago I was cleaning out my email, doing a huge purge of everything I’m subscribed to when I found this email from Corbett Bar. Corbet is one of the guys behind the pretty epic fizzle and I’m subscribed to his lifestyle business weekly blog sites email list. Every now and then some one sends you something at the right time and it reverberates so strongly with you that it feels as if they’ve written it for you. Its as if, for that moment they were Seneca to your Lucilius. OK, that’s ripping the arse out of it slightly but you get the picture. I think thats the goal of great writing or maybe sometimes if you hit enough balls your gonna get a home run. Either way, it really got me. I added it to gqueues as a daily recuring task so I could read it every day and let it sink in.

The email was entitled

Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy and you can read the whole thing here http://corbettbarr.com/simple-doesnt-mean-easy/

but in short, it pointed out that simple and easy are two very different things. We generally know what to do but the doing it very rarely happens. 80% of

Here’s a little exert

imagine if I told you that in order to create a popular blog or podcast or youtube channel, 80% of your success comes down to the simple strategy of publishing consistently and frequently. This strategy is simple, but it’s not easy by any means. In fact, this strategy is so difficult to pull off that only a tiny fraction of people who attempt it will succeed.

Since getting this email I’ve been really  “turning up” far more often than I’ve just been coasting. I’ve started moving forward both personally and in business. Not huge amounts but a little every day and it feels as if that little is starting to add up to something really kind of special.

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