Runners Knee, am I bothered?

After last weeks high I was really looking forward to my weekend run. 8 miles was going to be a doddle, or so I thought. After a very enjoyable, and fast by my standards, 6 miles my knee started to play up. It wasn’t bad enough to stop so I finished the run and maybe I shouldn’t have. Its hard to know where your “complaining mind” (the mind that moans about little things) stops and your “hold on something is really up mind” starts. Generally I’ve always stopped when the former has been talking and never really got to the place where the latter kicks in.

Well long story short I haven’t ran all week as a result. Instead of moaping I’ve drank my sour cherry juice and foam rolled like a champ. I’m going to try a slow 4 miles tomorrow and see where the land lies. Hopefully this isn’t anything that’s bad enough to stop me from completing the half marathon as there’s not that much time left.

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