The morning routine killer!

Only a couple of weeks into restarting my morning routine and it’s already become obvious what kills a morning routine faster than anything else, it’s the night before. A bottle of wine, staying up later, catching up on my mobile while in bed, not getting my clothes ready. All of these things can have a […]

The power of a morning routing

Morning Routine

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and it knocks you clean off your stride.  Sinead getting sick and ending up in hospital was just one of those things. She’s been back in hospital once since then and it’s a very scary time. During the process, I didn’t realise that bit by bit I’ve been […]

Sorry I’ve been gone, My wife nearly died!

Craigavon Area Hospital

What a month this has been, I’ve never experienced anything like it before. It’s been a struggle to keep up and has been spent mainly trying to think about things too much. As you might know, my wife, Sinead, has not been well for over a year. It started with celiacs disease, but there have […]

Setting up a Blog for a Child- Part 1

Before we start this is a great big disclaimer. The contents of this post are my thoughts they are not an encouragement to do this for your own children. You know what you are comfortable with, you know your own children, make up your own minds and then take responsibility. This is something that suits […]

My thoughts on turning 40

Turning 40 Meh

OK so I’m turning 40 and am totally underwhelmed, is that weird? There’s no mid life crisis, there’s not “Oh my God I’m old” . Its just Meh (I wish I knew how to type that sound but that the best I can do). Apparently its supposed to be a big deal but I’m just […]

Loosing faith in the “health” system

First of all I do think that doctors generally do an amazing job. It’s a job I wouldn’t be able to do and this is in no way a rant against them. However, I do think that the system they work in is fundamentally flawed. In the UK we have the national health system but in […]

My fear crippled our business, how not to let it cripple yours.

This post will be a little difficult to write but I’m hoping that I’ll learn something about myself in the process and maybe I can pass that something on. I’m going to run through our first real business Funkybump Maternity, how we started it, how fear crippled it and how we’ve come out the other […]

4 Big Takeaways of 2014

2014 has come and gone and a lot has happened. I’ve managed to get into the best shape of my life so far, Sinead (my wife) has spent a year of being unwell and still managed to get into some pretty amazing shape as well. I’ve relaunched my business’s and started some new ones. My […]

100 Press Ups Done

This one was my nemesis. After many attempts I finally beat it. At one stage 10 would have been an achievement but the power of a little every day one again beats the impossible.

25 Pull Ups Done

At the weekend I managed to complete 25 pull-ups in one set. The thought of being able to do this a few short months ago wouldn’t of seemed vaguely possible. I was able to comprehend doing 100 press ups (still only on 75) but 25 pull ups was well beyond reality. Was the journey  hard, no […]