Converting a Caravan to an Office

This is to the story of a caravan conversion. Some time ago I watch a show where Kevin McCloud show where he made a shed out of thin air, but it was more than a shed it was an oasis of calm. My plan was to create something similar at the bottom of our garden. Long story short, it didn’t happen. Well now I have a new project to take its place.

Project Serenity

serenityConvert our old beat up, leaky, damp caravan into an office / peaceful oasis to work, read, relax, have a beer, watch a movie… the list goes on.  But this is more than a fleeting idea that may or may not happen. It is actually a live project that was started about a month ago. Over this series of posts i’m going to document the complete conversion from striping and resealing the caravan to the finishing touches.

Before we start its probably good to know that I have no huge amount of DIY skills I’m just stupid enough to take on most projects with a blind belief that everything will turn out ok. This project will be completed on a very low budget making use of any thing we can get our hands on but at the same time I want it to be beautiful. Although costs might be cut corners will not.

Some background on our caravan

We bought it about 5 years ago as an upgrade to camping, it only cost £600 and we’re not sure how old it is, at least 20 years is my guess. We’ve had a great few years in it but it was in pretty bad condition to start with. There’s damp in both corners and the last person to seal it went to town with bathroom silicon (don’t do it!).  I’ve already got electricity and water ran to the area as an old shed used to be there. Also I have no plans to move this caravan again, as its now behind our garden fence. Hope you enjoy the journey and maybe get a little inspiration for your own Oasis of Calm.

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