“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” – Anthony Robins

If I was to pick out the one area of my life that a small change to would have the biggest impact it would be consistency.  I’m very good at starting things, brilliant in fact, I start new things all the time, I restart old things, I have a list of things that I’m waiting to start. If there was an Olympic starting things event I would be the Usain Bolt of starting things. Finishing things is somewhat more of a challenge for me.  Now I’m not so bad on a project where there is a defined beginning and end but starting a habit and keeping it up that seems to be where I’ve traditionally fell down.

Consistency is how you bring about lasting change. Whether its running, cycling, blogging playing the guitar, speaking a language it all comes down to consistency.

At the end of the the day you reap what you sow but just dropping a seed in the ground is not going to get you much. You need to water, weed and generally look after the stuff. Sowing has always been my strength but this year is its all about the watering and weeding.

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