100 Days of Awesome

100 days of awesom

There are certain things that you know if you do them your life will be better. You have absolutely zero doubt that this is true and not just your life but your family as well. These things are generally not huge things and do not cost large amounts of money either but still, you do […]

The morning routine killer!

Only a couple of weeks into restarting my morning routine and it’s already become obvious what kills a morning routine faster than anything else, it’s the night before. A bottle of wine, staying up later, catching up on my mobile while in bed, not getting my clothes ready. All of these things can have a […]

100 Press Ups Done

This one was my nemesis. After many attempts I finally beat it. At one stage 10 would have been an achievement but the power of a little every day one again beats the impossible.

25 Pull Ups Done

At the weekend I managed to complete 25 pull-ups in one set. The thought of being able to do this a few short months ago wouldn’t of seemed vaguely possible. I was able to comprehend doing 100 press ups (still only on 75) but 25 pull ups was well beyond reality. Was the journey  hard, no […]

Push up and Pull Up Workouts – Scrap the App

If I’m being totally honest I’ve taken my eye off the whole leveling up side of things. The last 9 months have seen an absolutely massive change in my health, well-being and fitness which is amazing but it all stopped being goal focused since I was unable to complete my half marathon. Now I don’t […]

Failing to Achieve a Goal – and being happy about it!

I’ve recently failed to achieve a goal, running my half marathon this coming weekend.  The reason I’ve failed is that my body just isn’t happy to go further than about 8 miles at the moment. I’ve know for a while that I wouldn’t be able to run this half marathon and have been fairly OK with […]

How to Level Up – The Game Begins

I’ve already posted about Steve Kamb and levelling up, I now think its time to add some more meat the them bones and give you a guide on how to level up. Also in the interest of complete transparency I’m going to publish my own personal list for levelling up my life. I’m also going […]

Finishing what you started

We’ve just come back from Portugal on holidays, for me it was one of the most special holidays I have had since our girls were born. One of the reasons it was so special is because I was truly there. That may sound a funny statement but normally I’m thinking about our business’s or the […]

I’m going to run a half marathon!

Yep, there I’ve said it and I can’t take it back now. On Sunday the 14th of September 2014 I’m going to run the Belfast City Half Marathon. Now a statement like this is typical of me, I’ve only been running for a couple of weeks and here I am over committing again. I can’t help […]

Stuck on Level 1

My short running career has hit its first hurdle. For a long time I’ve suffered with neck/upper back problems. Last night my back went into spasm and running is suddenly not an option. In fact at one point this morning I thought that getting out of bed was going to be out of the question […]