Cranberry Gin Recipe

Last  year I had planned to do Sloe Gin but never got around to it. Then before Christmas I saw a this cranberry gin recipe and thought I’ll give that a go. I was not disappointed this stuff was delicious. The recipe is fairly simple just cranberries, gin, caster sugar and some orange peel, that’s it. I […]

The Perfect Ginger Beer Recipe – Part 1 – The Challange

We’ve been making ginger beer for some time now and generally it has been our storeroom staple. It’s cheap, natural, easy, super fast, most of the ingredients are from the supermarket and best of all its great on a summers day. Our ingredients are Ginger Unrefined Sugar Lemons Cream of Tartar Yeast I haven’t given […]

Home Brewing (the basics)

Making alcohol is essentially easy! All you need is a liquid, sugar and a little yeast, chuck them together in a warmish environment, give it a while and there you have it, alcohol. It will taste awful but will none the less be alcohol. I believe that the science is that the yeasties reproduce converting the sugar […]