I’ve been playing around with this blogging thing for years. Starting, then stopping, writing then vlogging but it always patters out. We’re making a few changes in 2019 and one of them is that i’m going to publish something on this blog or its YouTube channel every week of the year without exception. Some weeks you might be spoilt with a little more but every week at least one thing will go live.

Over the last year, I’ve been bullet journalling of a sort fairly consistently and a lot of what I write would be good to share. Also the added accountability wouldn’t do me any harm either.

Goals for this year

Last year was a great year in many way but also really tough. The plans for this year are fairly simple

Build a business that I love.

We’ve built a business over the last few years which is fantastic but its a long way from being a business that I truly love working in. Over the next year, I’m going to be focussing on changing that.

Build a personal brand

This one will be for both the business and personally. Really using social media and the skills we use for our clients to grow out a personal brand. Including increasing speaking gigs which I really love.

Become really health

This one seems pretty vague but i can break it down a little further.

Pay 10% off our consumer debt

This is something that most people don’t talk about or try to hide. The truth is by hiding you never really face it. So over the next year I’ll document how we’ve gone about dealing with it.

There are a bunch of other skill’s I plan on picking up along the way including some coding, linux, dog training, dancing, DIY, simplifying and bushcraft but they will be more like side dishes to the main courses.

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