I love my daughters more than life itself so when they said they wanted to try dungeons and dragons, I thought that sounds like fun. I’ve always been a geek and wanted to give it a go but my experience was limted to watching it played on the big bang theory.

Georgia bought the starter set and we agreed a date. I started reading the rules and that was the start of the slipery slope that stole my life.

The Slippery Slope

See the problem with D&D is that it’s truly addictive. once you know the framework You’re only limited by your imagination and as we get older imagination is something we tend not to use as much. Its put in a box and almost frowned at when you take it out. But d&d is a game where you have no choice but to open that box and once you do you realise what you’ve been missing.

As a result i’ve started consuming everything there is about D&D and have lobved every second.

What I love about being a Dungeon Master

Ok for complete nubes, of which I was one, D&D is a table top role-playing game. You build characters with certain abilities and then take them on an adventure. the dungeon mast or DM runs the adventure puts obstacles in your way and lets you figure out how to handle them. The beauty of the game is that how people tackle challenges or even if they take them on is entirely up to them and their characters and as a DM you have no idea where things are going. Its almost like you’re on a river which you kind of know which direction its going in but the currents are dragging you all over hte place.

Whats Next

I want to experience the game as a player and have found a game being played online using roll20 as a virtual desktop. I’ll go into more details of how that works in a separate post but we’ve already virtually got together and rolled characters. Over the last week or so we’ve put together our backgrounds and the first chapter begins this Sunday.

To say I’m looking forward to it is a complete understatement.

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