I’ve just taken a spare of the moment decision start a 30 day vlogging challenge. It’s not been something I’ve been thinking about and I don’t have a clue what I’m going to say but hey, why not. This crazy arse decision was made in a second while listening to a Tim Ferris podcast with Shay Car from the Shaytards and all of a sudden bam, I’m going to vlog for the next 30 days.

My logic is that it’s going

  1. to be a fantastic challenge that will
  2. be a fantastic challenge that will
  3. get a little more accountability in my life
  4. help me improve on camera which should help me immeasurably with How to Rock WP
  5. massively improve both my video editing skills and speed
  6. give me a chance to properly review what I’m doing on a daily basis
  7. challenge me to do a few more exciting things

I have a huge amount going on at the moment, so finding the time is going to be pretty challenging but nothing great is easy. Other people are able to do it, look at what Casey Neistat is able to knock out on a daily basis on top of running his business. In saying that on the podcast Tim Ferris committed to doing a 30-day vlog and from what I can see stopped after 9 days

The Setup

I’m not buying any special equipment to do this, so I’ll just be using what I currently have – my Galaxy S6 phone. I also have a small lavalier microphone which should improve the sound quality.
So the goal for tomorrow is the to setup a youtube channel for Feganegg, get a video shot, edited and uploaded as well as everything else that’s been planned. It’s a little exciting but also scary as hell.

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