My 30-day vlogging challenge was an epic fail. Daily vlogging is really, frickin hard. I was enjoying making the videos, even thought they were terrible. Editing yourself every day teaches you a fair bit about your ticks and verbal crutches and it was certainly a great way to improve my editing. The problem was on Mondays and Tuesdays I’m with a client for most of the day and its ridiculously boring. The first Monday that was me done. It really showed me how creating daily vloggers must be to put a video out every day.
I absolutely want to revisit this again so I’m thinking of doing a joint project over Christmas with the girls when there is a lot more going on. Any video they had input on was so much better than just me so Fegan family Christmas vlog could be on the cards.

I’m considering this a battle lost but the war isn’t over yet!

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