At the weekend I managed to complete 25 pull-ups in one set. The thought of being able to do this a few short months ago wouldn’t of seemed vaguely possible. I was able to comprehend doing 100 press ups (still only on 75) but 25 pull ups was well beyond reality.

Was the journey  hard, no not really. Just a short workout for less than 10 minutes 3 mornings a week and now it all seems a bit of an anti climax. I’m on to ring dips next and after that a 30 second free standing hand stand. now that seems like a challenge!


I’ve just realised how little credit we give ourselves. This post has been pretty underwhelming and I’ve been almost playing this down but I;ve just looked at my list and realised this was the first thing on my “list of epic” that I’ve crossed off. Thats really  a f*cking big deal. I’ve just crossed off the first line of all the awesome things I’m going to complete on that list. I’ve started a habit of crossing thing off. Every time I cross something else off I’ll be making that habit stronger and that is pretty damn awesome. I think I’m going to have to expand on this give me a week I feel a decent post coming on.

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