30 Day Vlog Fail

My 30-day vlogging challenge was an epic fail. Daily vlogging is really, frickin hard. I was enjoying making the videos, even thought they were terrible. Editing yourself every day teaches you a fair bit about your ticks and verbal crutches and it was certainly a great way to improve my editing. The problem was on […]

Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

A while ago I was cleaning out my email, doing a huge purge of everything I’m subscribed to when I found this email from Corbett Bar. Corbet is one of the guys behind the pretty epic fizzle and I’m subscribed to his lifestyle business weekly blog sites email list. Every now and then some one […]

Why cold showers can change your life

At the moment of writing, I’m on a 25-day streak of cold showers. Yep that’s right people, for 25 days I have been willingly stepping into a ball shrinking shower that’s been set to cold as a polar bears arse – and I’ve liked it. Why? Because cold showers can change your life! Why cold […]

30 Day Vlogging Challenge

I’ve just taken a spare of the moment decision start a 30 day vlogging challenge. It’s not been something I’ve been thinking about and I don’t have a clue what I’m going to say but hey, why not. This crazy arse decision was made in a second while listening to a Tim Ferris podcast with […]